Adult Daycare Center

Daily Activities and Structured Social Interaction
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We offer a wide range of crafts, depending on the interest and ability of our participants. Our craft options are endless, and all suggestions are welcome.

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Exercise is important, especially as we age. Activities like balloon toss, walking and low impact exercise is encouraged according to our participants ability.

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We have a beautiful game room that provides a perfect environment for a quiet card game or puzzle, but is also large enough to play any group game.

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We offer many different forms of education. Gardening, safety, health and cooking as well as an occasional topic based guest speaker are offered.

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About Us

“Our mission is to provide a community-based, structured program to meet all the needs of our clients in a safe and protective setting”

At Trusted Souls we offer a variety of supervised and structured activities to help our consumers remain independent. We provide meals, games, crafts, exercise, education and most importantly, we will provide a kind and enriching environment for socialization. Our adult daycare facility is designed to help prevent our loved ones from having to go into a nursing home or other permanent care situation. The services we offer allow them to stay home with family and in their own communities. We provide social interaction and structure for daily activities and give consumers a sense of purpose, while bringing them joy.

Meet Our Team

Administration and Direct Care Staff

Tina White

Project Manager

Tina White is a Certified CNA specializing in the care of elderly with special needs. She started her own adult foster home in New Gloucester in 1999.

Linda Chase

Account Manager

Linda Chase has worked at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Lewiston ME for 30 years. She is active in the community, currently a town selectmen.

What People Are Saying

Daily Activities

Providing a Kind Enriching Environment for Socialization